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Kesgrave Cricket Club

Cricket Code of Practice

The club affiliates annually to the ECB and members are required to read through the rules and regulations in the following links:


Please familiarise yourself with the club’s code of practice

Kesgrave Cricket Club Code of Practice



Please familiarise yourself with the club’s Safeguarding policy here.



Correct footwear must be worn in the net sessions and practices. (No spikes or studs)

Players must wear the appropriate protective equipment when batting in the nets.

(pads, gloves, box, helmet etc.)

Players should never turn their back on the batsmen in net sessions.

Balls hit into the net should be retrieved from the net with a bat or a foot. Never put your head into the netting.

Any damage to the nets should be reported immediately to a Committee Member.

Players should be aware of other players in the adjacent net.

Players should not leave their belongings and equipment in the net area where they could

cause an accident.



Members can be shown how to use the bowling machine by an experienced user.  Only those players who have been shown how to use the bowling machine safely will be allowed to operate it.


Always check there are no balls in the machine before switching on the power.

Always signal to the batter when you are going to put a ball in and make sure he/she is ready.

Do not alter the speed without the consent of the batter.

Make sure no balls are lying on the batting surface before putting in another ball.

You are not permitted to use the machine without the consent of a committee member of Level 2 or above coach.



All players are advised to wear studded boots.

It is recommended that all players wear helmet protection either in training or match situations. Please note that it is compulsory for U18s to wear helmets.

Batsmen must always wear pads, gloves and a box. A thigh pad is

also recommended.

The wicket‐keeper must wear pads, wicket‐keeping gloves and a box.

Wrist watches and rings should not be worn and potentially dangerous objects such as keys, coins and matches should be removed from pockets.



Before commencing play or warm‐up drills (training and matches) players to quickly check the outfield for any foreign objects and remove any if found.

Please follow below link for a blank Risk Assessment Form


Fielders must not be placed in a dangerous position and match play should not start until the umpire at the bowler's end is sure that all players are concentrating on the game and ready to start.

Players will conduct themselves in a respectable manner in line with the MCC’s spirit of the game guidelines.

All players are solely responsible for knowing and following these guidelines.


It is recommended that players bring water bottles for rehydration to all sessions and matches. These should be stored in bags a safe distance from play and not cause a hazard.



This will be conducted by the Playing Committee led by the Club Captain who will get input from club coaches where required. All members will have an input and their majority decision will be final.

Selection will be based on form and ability of each individual player and balance of the teams.

It is requested that players train frequently, integrate into the club and update their availability on the club website to be considered for selection.



When an accident occurs, provide first aid or call an ambulance if required.

Details of the nearest hospital and how to let an ambulance onto the field are posted on the club noticeboard.

Complete an entry in the Accident Book which can be found behind the bar in the pavilion.

Send the completed form to the Club Welfare Officer.